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Fire Extinguisher Servicing

At Reform Fire Limited our qualified team of engineers are able to carry out the annual service of portable fire extinguishers in accordance with BS 5306 part 3.

With Fire losses in the UK are currently estimated at £7 billion per annum - a well-maintained fire extinguisher can help you avoid becoming just another statistic.

Our experienced team are able to supply service and install a comprehensive range of fire extinguishers in accordance with British Standard 5306 Part 3 and Part 8. All our extinguishers conform to EN 3 and have a 5-year manufacturer's warranty.

Fire Extinguisher Maintenance and Servicing

It is imperative that you carry out regular visual safety inspections of your own fire safety equipment. You should ensure that extinguishers are unobstructed and clearly visible. You, or your appointed fire warden, should also check that the extinguisher's tamper proof seal is in place and the internal pressure is at an acceptable level. ALL YOUR FINDINGS SHOULD BE RECORDED IN YOUR FIRE LOG BOOK.

Completing the above checks once a month will ensure your fire extinguishers are properly functioning in the event of a fire, however your extinguishers will also require servicing every 12 months in accordance with British standards. This is now a legal requirement under article 17 of the Fire Safety Order.

According to current statistics (Fire Extinguisher Trading Association survey), properly functioning fire extinguishers save the UK economy over £500 million per annum, and in the time period studied, prevented over 1,629 injuries and 23 deaths.

With service fees starting at £25 per annum for up to six extinguishers (including certificate of inspection), Here at Reform Fire Limited we are so confident that we can save you money if we don’t quote a lower price than that of your current provider we will do the first years service completely free of charge.

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