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Customer Feedback

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Lincoln Harford Solicitors LLP
The service is very efficiant and good value. The engineer was clear in explaining the costs and procedure, and was also very friendly.
Excellent service would reconmend to anybody.... thank you Mr A Shah
We use Reform Fire for all our pub group. They are very reliable and offer a fantastic level of service. We have many sites and would not hesitate to reconmend them to any of our suppliers.
Mr Shah
The cheapest company on the market while not lowereing their high level of service. I use Reform Fire at ALL my six sites. I never have to worry about any fire safety issues at any of my sites. very reliable company
marcus - director
nisa local
I have had several bad experiences with fire companies in the past but since using Reform Fire i have had no problems at all.Dont worry about their cheap prices affecting their level of service, as this is fantastic. I have referred them to many family members and friends who have shops to use at their premisies.

08000 14 16 18

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