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How to use a Fire Extinguisher

Suitable for most fires except those involving flammable liquids or live electrical apparatus.


  1. Direct the jet at the base of the flame and keep it moving across the area of the fire.
  2. Seek out any hot spots after the main fire is extinguished.
  3. A fire spreading vertically should be attacked at its lowest point and followed upwards.

Suitable for most fires involving flammable liquids, apart from cooking oil fires.


  1. Where the liquid on fire is in a container, direct the jet at the inside edge of the  container or at an adjoining vertical surface above the level of the burning liquid. This breaks the jet and allows the foam to build up and flow across the surface of the liquid to smother the fire.
  2. Where this is not possible stand well back, direct the jet with a gentle sweeping
    movement, allow the foam to drop down and lie on the surface of the liquid.
  3. Do not aim the jet directly into the liquid as this will drive the foam beneath the     
    surface and render it ineffective. In addition , it may splash the fire onto the

Suitable for fire involving flammable liquids or electrical apparatus.

Method and operating instructions as for dry powder.

  1. Carbon  dioxide extinguishers should NOT  be used in confined spaces where
    There is a danger that the fumes may be inhaled.
  2. DO NOT HOLD THE HORN since it becomes extremely col during use and
    may  cause injury.

Suitable for fires involving flammable liquids or electrical apparatus.


  1. On fires involving either liquids in containers or spilled liquids, direct the jet or discharge horn towards the near of the fire. With a rapid sweeping motion drive the fire towards the far edge until all the flames are extinguished
  2. On fires involving flowing liquids, direct the jet or horn at the base of the flames and sweep upwards.
  3. On fires in electrical equipment, switch off the current and then direct the jet or horn straight at the fire.
  4. Where the equipment is enclosed, direct the jet or horn into any opening with the object of penetrating the interior.
  5. When the fire appears to be extinguished, shut off the discharge and wait until the atmosphere clears. If any flame is then still visible, discharge again.

Specifically for use on fires in deep fat fryers.
DO NOT USE on fires Involving live electrical equipment.


  1. Turn off the source of heat if safe to do so.
  2. Hold the lance at arm’s length, well above the fire and with its nozzle at lease 1 metre away from the fire.
  3. Holding the lance still, discharge so that the spraying wet chemical falls gently onto the surface of the fire.
  4. Even if the fire appears to go out quickly, discharge the entire contents of the extinguisher.

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